A government ambulance in the Free State lost control and overturned with a patient in it after a car allegedly pushed it off the road.

The incident happened on Monday in Bethlehem. The police used CCTV footage to identify the car and a 24-year-old man was later arrested.

Another ambulance was called and took the injured paramedics and the patient being transported from another accident to a nearby hospital.

Arrive Alive’s advocate Johan Jonck said the ambulance was allegedly pushed off the road by a private car near Frontier Casino in Bethlehem.

Ambulance in Accident

“The cops got hold of video footage from the casino and arrested the driver of the car, who had fled from the scene. The crew sustained minor injuries and they were treated at Dihlabeng Hospital,” said Jonck.

Free State Health spokesman Mondli Mvambi said: “The ambulance was on its way from an accident on the Kestell road to Dihlabeng Hospital with a patient on board.

“The patient did not sustain any other injuries as a result of the ambulance accident. The ambulance is badly damaged. Injury on duty forms have been completed by the affected officials and have been submitted to determine whether the officials are entitled to any payment.”

Police spokesman Captain Zweli Mohobeleli said: “The 24-year-old man was arrested on Monday at about 6am.

“He will appear in the Bethlehem Magistrates Court soon on charges of drunk driving and reckless and negligent driving.”

Source: Daily Sun

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