Claudine Marshall is no stranger to the power of a well-written song.

Also known as Claud9, the musician’s ability to write songs that pull at listeners’ heartstrings has won her a lot of fans.

When DJ Rabs Vhafuwi invited Claudine to work on a song, she wanted to make sure she delivered as the beat captured her soul.

Claudine ‘Claud9’ Marshall

Claudine is currently working on her debut album, which she plans to release this year.She is now helping co-write an upcoming project which she says will blow Mzansi away.

She said: “Lyrics are as important as the beat. However, some musicians tend to master one or the other, instead of both.”

She roped in Mr Mo, who wrote Baleka and Healing on Rabs’ album Hear Me Now, to help her craft a hit.

The end result was a song titled Guilty.

Not many vocalists are able to take a song written by someone else and turn it into a hit song, but Claudine prides herself in taking someone else’s words and making them her own.

“Although I am a songwriter, I don’t have a problem with singing a song written by someone else.

“The ability to do that shows how much of an artist you are.

“As a vocalist, you need to be able to adapt to any situation. When you are thrown in the deep end, you must be able to swim.

“I have previously worked with well-known artists like Mandoza, Psyfo, as well as Gimboss and Kage of 985.

“And I’ve also opened shows for the likes of Black Motion and Kwesta.”

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