DJ and radio veteran, DJ Fresh has finally shared the reasons behind his complete silence on the Euphonik and Bonang drama.

However, a caller on his Metro FM breakfast show recently called him out it, asking Fresh why he had never said a word about it, given his stance on violence against women.

Dj Fresh

In response, Fresh said that the reason he has never said anything is because he love both Euphonik and Bonang, and he didn’t want to get caught in the middle of their mess.

Not only is Fresh close friends with both celebs, he has also been a vocal champion of no violence against women and children.


So when a domestic abuse allegation surface in his inner circle, one would’ve expected Fresh to speak out on the matter.

But, he has been mum since the whole debacle started.

“I’ll tell you why I never made a comment on it, because they are both people I love. The one says this and the other says that, what do I say?” he said in response.

Dj Euphonik

“I’ve always made it clear, my friends know how I feel about woman abuse and he swore to me that he never beat her up,” said Fresh.

“She said he did. In fact, for me, that’s why I’d hoped that it had gone to court so that it gets to breathe there and hopefully, the truth comes out, because the truth lies somewhere between the two of them,” he continued.

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