It has been a roller coaster of events since the army staged a soft coup in Zimbabwe. Yesterday, Tuesday 21 November 2017, finally saw the resignation of R. G. Mugabe being read in “Parliament.” The resignation caused wild scenes of celebration across the country with many citizens proclaiming themselves free and independent.

Former President of Zimbabwe, Cde R. G. Mugabe is scheduled to meet with his successor, former Vice President of Zimbabwe Cde E. D. Mnangagwa. Mnangagwa is scheduled to be sworn in as president on Friday. He is now in the country.

President Mugabe

But are we really free? The system we have all faced in the last 37 years is essentially the same. We still have POSA and AIPPA and very soon, ZRP will be out of their imposed hibernation to enforce archaic laws and even steal more money using illegal roadblocks. Do we still have to notify the police to hold a march against laws we do not like?


Most of you asked what next this morning. There are things we definitely know are coming. We know that Mnangagwa will be sworn in as President of Zimbabwe. We know that the military finally got their wish. We do not know if Mnangagwa will call for a Transitional Government. We do not know if elections will be held next year.

We do not know if his administration will truly bring us prosperity as citizens, so that we stop streaming to other countries to survive. These are all things we shall have to find out together as time goes on.

Meantime, it is important to enlarge our democratic space as citizens. It is important to read the constitution in your spare time and understand that document. It is important that ZEC is reformed and registers citizens in the diaspora while removing that pesky proof of residence requirement at home. We should demand REAL voter education not the lies being peddled by Zanu PF.

Even if you support Mnangagwa and/or Zanu PF, open your eyes and act for the greater good of all citizens. When your party and/or leader does something you do not agree with, raise your voice. It is silence that got us where we are. Let us use our voices to rise.

United we stand, divided we fall.

#SOURCE – CitizensǀZW is a non-governmental organisation promoting civic participation in social, economic and political affairs for a just, equitable, democratic and prosperous Zimbabwe for all. If you want to become a member, (AND ARE NOT ALREADY A MEMBER), save our WhatsApp number in your phone and send us your name, surname and province/country.

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