Knowing from an early age that she was ‘destined for greatness’ saw Hloni Padi, better known as Ms Dippy, wanting to skip school and just hustle her way to the top. But being in the industry has made her appreciate the value of education.

Hloni revealed to our source that her initial plan was to hop straight into the music industry because she knew she was talented. But her mother advised to get an education first and she’ll always be grateful she listened to mom.

“My mother has always been a very supportive person and whatever I wanted she would be like, ‘go for it.’ In fact, she forced me to go to National School of Arts (NSA) and AFDA, because I actually didn’t want to go to school. But she enrolled me and I just found myself there. I wanted to jump straight into the industry, but I’m thankful for what she did. I learnt so much.”

Hloni Padi

The actress, who became a household name after portraying Rhythm City’s Palesa, said she realised that school opened her eyes to the nature of the industry.

After graduating from the National School of Arts, she enrolled into AFDA, where she studied music. The baby-faced 25-year-old said it helped her learn how to navigate the entertainment industry.

She mentioned the casting couch (exchanging sexual favours for work) as one of the issues she’s seen many other girls face, something she believes school and vigilance could helped her avoid.

“I’m still trying to grow my brand, so I am careful and wary of who I hang around with in this industry. I also make sure that I don’t get conned or made to believe that I have to do certain favours to get certain things.

“Young female are having a hard time establishing themselves in the industry. That is why people will go on to sleep with directors to get a job. I’m glad I was in a position to know that I have talent and the qualification to back me and that is enough.”

The vocalist is currently on The Imposter, acting as 17-year-old Lesedi and will be playing a lead role on season two of Single Girlz.

However, she said music remains her first love and is planning on releasing an EP next year.

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