FADED musician Ishmael Morabe may allegedly have to hunt for a sleeping spot under one of Jozi’s many bridges.

This as the rumoured jack of all trades and master of none was allegedly booted out of his swanky Fourways, north of Jozi, apartment this week.

Ishmael Morabe
Ishmael Morabe

Although the 47-year-old had been living in the upmarket spot for more than two years, it has been an uphill battle for him for the last three months, according to insiders.

The first source said Ishmael was struggling to make ends meet because his gigs well had dried up.

Said the mole: “His last payment to the tune of R1 500 was in April. Since then, he’s not paid a cent.

“He makes empty promises, and switches his phone off when it’s time to pay rent.”

A second mole said: “He owes me R15 000, which I lent him in June to help him get out of debt.

“He came back last week, telling me about his house situation, but I’m tired of giving him money.”
Ismael was not available for comment.

In May the former Jozi member, who was also part of the 999 Music record label, was reportedly seen begging for taxi money at a restaurant in Jozi CBD.

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