Mzansi people love beer more than vegetables.


According to Stats SA, this is the same as what is spent on personal care at 2,1%, but higher than tobacco 1,9%, vegetables 1,5%, sweets and desserts 0,7%.

The report revealed that beer is the favourite amongst South Africans.

It also revealed that beer is more cheaper in the Free State and most expensive in the Western Cape.

Beer in Mzansi households accounts for 2,1% of total household spending.


The average price of a 330 ml bottle or can in Western Cape was R13,77 in June 2017, R3,77 more expensive than that recorded for Free State, where beer was the cheapest.

Households in Mpumalanga on the other hand are great fans of beer, as they spend 71% of their alcoholic beverage budgets on beer.

Northern Cape is in the second spot at 66%, followed by the North West 64%.

Despite being the most popular choice, beer faces some competition from wine and spirit coolers in Western Cape and spirits in Eastern Cape.

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