President Jacob Zuma wants the ANC to discipline party members who voted against him in last week’s no confidence vote.

A total of 26 ANC MPs supported the motion to remove the president.

He singled out axed tourism minister, Derek Hanekom.

Zuma said the ANC’s constitution should determine what action to take against members who supported the opposition in the motion of no confidence against him.

The president was addressing the ANC Youth League Cadres Forum in Pongola, northern KwaZulu-Natal.

He also called for unity within the alliance to keep the party strong.


President Jacob Zuma

The president spoke about issues affecting the ANC, including the failed motion of no confidence against him.

“What our enemies were doing was to say, how can we destroy the ANC and weaken it, so that we can take control of the country?

“How can we destroy the alliance so it will also be weakened? Because with the alliance, the ANC is stronger.”

The president said he’s yet to be given details of wrongdoing.

“I always hear people saying Zuma must step down, others saying he’s corrupt.  I’m always keen to hear if they’ll say what he’s done.”

After some party MPs voted against him in the secret vote in Parliament, he warned that those who take the organisation for granted, are not welcome.

“We should never do it again. That is why I’m saying the constitution should be applied to people who have double hearts, one for the ANC and one for other parties.

“They must move aside for those with a single heart.”

Zuma warned that the enemy will use every possible means to destroy the ANC.

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