There is a lot of excitement surrounding Minnie’s big day, you would be forgiven for actually thinking that the whole of South Africa is invited to the wedding.

Minnie attended the launch of the band MiCasa’s new single a few weeks back. Minnie is known to charge upwards of R15000 to attend an event. Just attend, not even host or post on social media – must be nice.So it was surprising to see Minnie out at the MiCaSa launch party with her fiance two weeks ago.

Minnie would like for the band to perform at her wedding due in September. Minnie has shared that the wedding will not be in Johannesburg but either Durban or Cape Town. So does this mean she will be flying the band down to perform? We guess so.


minnie dlamini

Thank goodness MiCaSa didn’t break up, they would’ve missed out on an opportunity to perform at one of the most talked about celebrity weddings of the year.

Apparently, Minnie’s guest list is small, in terms of celebrities attending. With not many making the list. We do know that Minnie is buddies with Liesl Laurie and ProVerb and grew up with Nandi, so her and Zakes would make the list without a doubt.

We also think the likes of Thomas Mlambo will definitely be on the guest list as well but we’ll just have to wait and see.

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