Pokello Exposed on Facebook after Army Take Over in #Zimbabwe. She got more popular after her s.e.xtape was leaked and she even got on Big Brother Africa. There she found her husband but not after the Army take over in Zimbabwe people are throwing shade at her…


[11/15, 05:33] Khanyile: Chombo taken through the roof of his house. Armed Masked man opened the roof and took him
[11/15, 05:52] Khanyile: Pokelo Just phoned my wife in tears and in shock

Havasivo vaiti vachadya bag renyika kusvika rati eke talk now sweetie taura tinzwe. Taka Chivore

The last statement refers to the time when Pokello bragged that she is Zanu-PF and will help the Mugabe Leg Govt to spend money… The post was shared with these pictures… And Taka Chivore we all know him as Pokello’s sworn enemy…


That was an insult directed to Pokello saying since her father was arrested, Pokello can’t afford the swagger anymore….


I am not really sure if they broke up with Elikem but hey it was still an insult… What then caught our attention was the comment made by Taka which exposed even the then Reserve Bank Governor Dr Gideon Gono. He said:

Nyaya yetake over yiya those days yaipisa now iye nemunhu wacho havachatyisa guys munozviziva here kuti those days pakabuda s.e.xtape yaStunner Pokello aidanana naPound and Stunner naReserve Bank Boss at that the Gideon Gono chakauraya dhiri rekwa Gono was the fact the s.e.xtape leaked Gono had to back off coz she wasn’t reputation wise good to have as a small house any more ndosaka akazohakira Stunner paye apa Pound was married with wife in the states so uko anga asina dhiri nyaya yakanetsa yaendeswa kuma journalist vana Gono tracked down the journalists who wanted to expose nyaya yacho ikatsikirirwa plan was to do what her Mom did pana Chombo takeover from small house to big house nekuwanza mboro pakaita dick confusion masextape aka leaker dhiri rekwa Gono rikabva Rafa

See the post below…

He even involved Raggae Artist Beenie Man:

People think we are bad but I could’ve posted the scandal yekuti Pokello akapa Beenie Man scinhi the weekend yebirthday rake apa asiya murume kumba the husband who she treated like crap at her party achida kuti Beenie Man awuye kuparty yake instead of 1 + 1 akawonekwa paMeikles akapfeka little nothings going in and out of his room ultimately Beenie ended up not going to 1+1 or her party asina kufarira comotion yanga ichitambika it caused arguments with the promoters the next day this is old stories but takangozvi ignowa wani

Source: Facebook/Taka Chivore

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