Singer and producer Robbie Malinga could not make it to the listening session for his new album yesterday, because he was in the hospital.

Louise Pillay of Universal said Robbie was taken to hospital when he started feeling ill.“We got a call at about 9.30am saying Robbie had been taken to hospital. We apologise for the inconvenience. It is unfortunate that he was not present,” she said.

Robbie Malinga

“We organised an intimate launch event because Robbie was still recovering from an illness. He was shooting a video over the weekend.”

But the album, titled Robbie Malinga, was played at Universal Studios in Joburg and it was hoped he would be out of hospital for its release on Friday.

She said the album was titled Robbie Malinga because he came out of retirement this year and was not well.

“We did not feel it was right to cancel the listening session. We will find out if he is well and we will inform people,” she said.

The singer, who said he was suffering from an iron deficiency, has been in and out of hospital since the beginning of the year.

He previously said he came out of retirement after being teased about his dramatic weight loss

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