In her latest post, Dumi shared a picture of herself in happier times that she used to send to him for motivation.

“Remember how you would always say…’boongs, I gotta work for the fam,’ and I’d send you photos of me as motivation when you got discouraged or tired. Oh how I miss you. I miss the girl in this pic too,” she said.

Simphiwe Ngema

Even though Simz Ngema misses Dumi Masilela every moment of every day,  she’s shown incredible strength in focusing on the happy times they shared.

Simz has been sharing this painful journey with fans by posting memories she has of Dumi.

Simz promised to work hard so that she could make all their dreams come true.

“I promise to make all our dreams come true. Life is not a quest for pleasure or a quest for power but a quest for meaning -Viktore. FrankL.  I found meaning in our love,” she said.

Here are a few pictures of the 2 before that terrible day….

dumi masilela





Hope she gets better soon…. RIP Dumi!

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