USAIN BOLT finished third in his final individual event at the World Athletics Championships as Justin Gatlin took gold.

Bolt had to settle for Bronze at the London Stadium as Gatlin caused an upset, much to the disappointment of the crowd. The American won with a time of 9.92 as Bolt came third in 9.95.

American Christian Coleman took silver with 9.94 having beaten Bolt in the semi-finals.”This was wonderful. I knew they would come out and support me. I’m just sad I couldn’t come out and win,” Bolt said.

Usain bolt takes Bronze
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“My start killed me. Normally I get better through the rounds but it didn’t come together. The fact I didn’t get it is why I lost.

Usain Bolt takes third place

“The support has been outstanding. They have stood behind me and pushed me and I really appreciate that.

“When I got out you have to transition. I didn’t get the power in that transition. I tightened up at the end and that is something you should never do. It is just one of those things. I didn’t execute when it mattered.

“I am not fully comfortable in those blocks but you have to work with what you have. I can’t complain about that.

“He (Gatlin) is a great competitor. You have to be at your best against him. I really appreciate competing against him and he is a good person.”

World champion Gatlin, who has served two doping bans, insisted he blocked out the boos from the crowd to concentrate on his goal of winning gold.

“I tuned it out (the boos) through the rounds and stayed the course. I did what I had to do,” he said.

“The people who love me are here cheering for me and cheering at home. I thought of what I would do if I did win but I didn’t do any of that.

“It is Bolt’s last race. I have had many victories and many defeats down the years. It is an amazing occasion.

“We are rivals on the track but in the warm-down area we joke and have a good time. The first thing he did was congratulate me and say that I didn’t deserve the boos. He is an inspiration.”

Four-time Olympic gold medalist Michael Johnson added: “I thought Bolt would be challenged but by Coleman not by Gatlin.

“Bolt was under pressure. He didn’t have to be here and you have to give him credit for putting himself out there and give people the chance to beat him.

“Two did beat him and I’m sure people are upset. I can guarantee you Bolt will not be upset. He is a competitor but he realises that life goes on.”


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