Khulekani had reached out to the relationship-themed reality show to help him find his biological father.

The wife of the man suspected to be Khulekani’s father, called Mam’Mkhize, had nothing but foul words to say about Khulekani and his mother. The woman couldn’t hide her hate for the mother-son duo, who she accused of trying to wreck her home.

The current season of Utatakho has certainly shown Twitter the “evil” side of women and last night’s episode featuring Mam’Mkhize  shook Twitter to its core.


Mam’Mkhize held nothing back as she threw insult after insult at Khulekani’s mother, implying that she’s promiscuous. The cherry on top  was when the woman they dubbed as ‘vile’ said she wishes Khulekani and his mother “could just die”.

Twitter hoped that the DNA results would prove that Khulekani is Baba Mkhize’s son, however it was eventually revealed that he was not.

Disappointed Twitter shared their frustrations in memes:


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