Residents of Zone 5 in Seshego, outside Polokwane, marched to demand that police help fight crime in the area.

Mzansi has seen a spate of child killing, murder, assault and rape.Community members marched in protest to their local police station on Wednesday to hand over a memorandum.

Protest leader Solly Moropana said: “Many brutal crimes are committed by minors who cannot be sent to prison.

“Cases of rape, assault, house and business robbery, murder and gangsterism are being reported on a weekly basis.”

Solly said their biggest concern is gangsterism.“There are three rival groups – Boko Haram, The Russians and Mob Justice.

“They terrorise pupils and many of them are now too scared to go to school.”

Some of their concerns included non-attendance by police at reported cases, the widespread use of drugs by pupils, and police inactivity.

“Our police station lacks manpower. Minister Fikile Mbalula should intervene to increase the number of police and give them more vehicles,” said Solly.

The memorandum was accepted by Colonel Mpotje Mutsaung.He said they will respond in due course.

Mutsaung encouraged residents to join CPFs in order to help fight crime.

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