No matter how many years go by, Zoleka Mandela’s daughter, Zenani who was killed in a car crash will live on in her mom’s heart and memories.

Taking to social media, Zoleka reflected on how Zenani would often collect feathers for her. Now years later, her younger sister, Zanyiwe also collects feathers.

Zoleka Mandela

“I think I may have told my daughter, Zanyiwe that her late sister, Zenani used to love collecting feathers outside for my mother and I … I never asked her why she did that all those years she was still with us but I get it,” Zoleka said.

Zenani was killed in a car crash while returning home with the family from the opening concert of the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

Zoleka often shares touching tributes and memories that she holds close to her heart.

Zoleka added that every time she sees a feather, she’s reminded of Zenani.

“Sometimes I’ll be leaving the house and I’ll see a feather near the door or on my way to the car, that’s my Zenani reminding me that she’s never really left me. Zanyiwe found this the other day and said, “Look, Mamma! A feather for you!,” she added.

Zoleka said that she missed everything about her daughter on a daily basis.

“First thing I saw this morning, when I was closing the bathroom window was a feather … I may be crying right now but I’m not sad at all, I just miss talking to her, hearing her laugh, playing her Saxophone, kissing her, hearing her sing, holding her, arguing with her about why she borrowed my clothes without asking, watching her sleeping, hugging her but I know she’s still here … I can feel her!”

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