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#BlackFriday leaves Mzansi divided


#BlackFriday leaves Mzansi divided. It originally started in the US to mark the start of Thanksgiving and the Christmas shopping season. Now, retailers around the world have jumped on the ‘Black Friday’ bandwagon and use the day as an opportunity to get more sales in stores and online shops.

There are two types of people in the world when it comes to Black Friday. You are either in the queue with your trolley full of cheap items or you slam the day and the keen shoppers.

Black Friday is known to be the biggest sale of the year, with prices of groceries, appliances and clothing slashed to low prices. The Black Friday rush started at midnight in some areas, leaving shoppers aggressively trying to get what they want. However, not all South Africans feel the same way about the US tradition.

Source: IOL News