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I think I’m obsessed with this green! Plus l’m liking my new hairstyle: Boity Thulo


I think I’m obsessed with this green! Plus l’m liking my new hairstyle: Boity Thulo. Boity surprised us all when she revealed herself as a rapper recently. The TV personality had fans singing her praises on Twitter, many of them love her song. I had to post this just hela to say gore motho or fiiit maan! The WuzDat hitmaker is so happy right as things are moving or rather going according to her way. Her hit has earned her a nomination at the SA Hip-hop Awards.

She is not stopping and she promises more fireworks. She is even rocking on her live shows. She is showing us that other side which can make her make a name for herself, not that she has not made it already. Her ex-boyfriend Cassper commented on the new found talent of his former girlfriend. Here is what he had to say, being a rapper himself it was nice to hera his views…

Speaking to Mo Flava and Masechaba Ndlovu in a recent interview on Metro FM, the Doc Shebeleza hitmaker acknowledged that Boity has a genuine passion for rap. “I know she’s passionate about rap music. Like, people don’t know Boity can rap. She probably can rap some of my albums like back to back, word for word, the whole album.”

Cassper went on to admit that when Boity decided to pursue a career in music, he was sceptical about her decision, and even had Pearl Thusi reprimand him for his uncertainty.

“When she decided to make music, I’m like mad sceptical about it, I even spoke to Pearl about it, she knows I was like, ‘you know what I’m saying, she’s taking it seriously, she’s having fun, I don’t know, I’m looking from the outside like I don’t know what’s gonna happen’. Pearl is like mad supportive like ‘you hating, she’s gonna kill it’,” he said.

Well, you heard from the King himself. So we are getting ready for the full blossoming of the new found talent if Boity decide to take it on a permanent base. She is also rocking a new hairstyle and she is loving it. She also spilled out her favourite colour…check the pictures below…

Boity Thulo

 I’m obsessed with this green! Trust @thesanhair to make any colour look chic and fresh! Thank you, fam. 💚⚡️❤️😘 #WuzDat #CapsuleFest #OwnYourThrone👑

Boity Thulo

Loving the new hairstyle…on point mama…

Boity Thulo

She Gave Me A Salute, ! Said G!RL You A Soldier !!!

Boity Thulo

Damn girl the song is lit (award winning song)

Boity Thulo

C A P S U L E F E S T 👑🚀🔋⚡️🔥 #WuzDat #2point3 #OwmYourThrone👑 📷: @young_stilo_