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Kelly Khumalo: Stop hating people when they are their winning

Kelly Khumalo

Kelly Khumalo: Stop hating people when they are their winning. This is what the star had for us on a Sunday as she shares wisdom with her fans. Choosing the right words for motivation and encouragement. Kelly urges all people to support each other and stop hating when their beloved ones are prospering in life.

Kelly Khumalo

As she continues to share her journey with fans on Instagram Kelly had this message to her followers: Stop hating people in their winning season, you don’t know what they lost in their losing season.

Kelly Khumalo

Teasing of a possible wedding Kelly posted the above picture with an interesting caption…Mrs…? and one fan replied with this message…

@KellKhumalo…Mrs him at the background of the picture there with a TGR something jersey on his shoulders…

Kelly Khumalo

Offlate kelly has been sharing hot pictures of herself on Instagram and we are liking them very much…

Kelly Khumalo

She is currently busy promoting her new video song Dance Comingo, which is doing very well we must say. She is really working hard. In fact, she has been one of the busiest artists of the year 2018 as we now draw closer to the end of it. It was a hugely successful year for her.

People threw shade at her when she publicly announced her romantically involvement with Chad the rapper. The two are apparently in a relationship, People are still trying to figure it out if its true, as many articles and fans are still saying Kell’s romantic relationship with Chad could be a publicity stunt.