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In Pics – From being teased to one of Mzansi’s H0TTEST models: Nokulunga Zungu

Nokulunga Zungu

The 23-year-old model from Umlazi, south of Durban, was chosen to be one of three girls on the cover of the Clicks magazine. While growing up, other kids teased and made fun of her height and dark skin. The bullying caused Nokulunga Zungu heartache and gave her insecurities.

But as she grew older she realised that God made her that way. And today she’s a model and graces magazine covers. Her beautiful dark skin is the envy of all those kids who teased her.

Nokulunga Zungu

She told Daily Sun she was excited as she didn’t expect that, out of all the girls in the country, she could be one of the chosen cover girls. “As a little girl, I was made fun because of my height and dark skin. That bothered me a lot and I wasn’t a happy child,” she said.

Nokulunga Zungu


“When I grew up I realised that I should embrace it. It made me feel happy about myself. “I realised I was beautiful, and that’s when I started modelling.”

Nokulunga Zungu


She’s a BCom student at Unisa, and when she finishes her degree she would like to open her own modelling agency. “I want other kids like me to know that being dark-skinned and tall isn’t a bad thing. In fact, they are beautiful,” she said.

Nokulunga Zungu

The three girls – Nokulunga, Amber-Lea Horne and Bridgette Jones – are the winners of the 2018 Clicks Sorbet Cover Model Search.

They each received a R10 000 Clicks gift card, a Sorbet make-up hampers worth R7000, and 12 months’ worth of manicures and pedicures from Sorbet.

Source:  Daily Sun