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Jub Jub’s bodyguards speak out on unfair treatment

Jub Jub

Uyajola 99 host, Jub Jub has received a taste of his own medicine after his bodyguards aired his dirty laundry in the tabloids. Jub Jub, who hosts the popular cheating reality show Uyajola 99, has come under fire by two men named Tumi Masite and Larash Base.

The men claimed that they were employed by Jub Jub and his manager to protect him, after he had received death threats for returning to the entertainment industry. The bodyguards told Sunday World that they were allegedly fired last month, after they refused to play video games with Jub Jub until the wee hours of the morning.

Jub Jub

They also alleged that Jub Jub made them “camp” outside the bathroom while he used the toilet, and that he allegedly owes them money totalling R20 000 In one WhatsApp message seen by Sunday World, Tumi apparently begged Jub Jub for the cash he was owed.

“Can you send me the tattoo cash for your lady please Jubz. U know u also have lotz of things on ur hands, I’m tired of stressing you. Even if you pay 500 that’s OK. I will go do whatever it is to get cash to help my son and myself,” read the message.

When contacted for comment, Jub Jub told the tabloid that he only has one bodyguard. He said that the information was given to the paper by jealous people.

Jub Jub

I’m not going to entertain these things. All these allegations are informed by jealousy,” he said.

Jub Jub, who did time in prison for killing four school children and seriously injuring three others during a drag racing incident in 2010, made a huge comeback to the entertainment industry earlier this year when the Moja Love reality show was released. Taking to Instagram, Jub Jub has also hinted at being in the studio making new music.

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