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Zulu Makhathini’s message to ex-lovers: Video


Zulu Makhathini’s message to ex-lovers. However, if you guys have broken up, according to Dash, who now goes by Zulu Mkhathini, you may need to return to Little Paris to go collect the lock and remove it from the small Eiffel Tower that’s erected there.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting Little Paris situated in Hartbeespoort with your lover and did the traditional love ceremony of attaching a lock with both your names on it, then damn it, y’all are or were a lucky couple.


Why you may ask? Well, because you’re both no longer an item and it’s only fair that you leave some space for other kids to flourish because they’re still enjoying their relationships, which have not yet reached their expiry date.

In his latest Instagram video, Zulu said: “We have a very important public service announcement we’d like to make here at Little Paris. We would like to kindly request that couples that placed a lock here at Little Paris, but have since broken up, please come to collect your locks so that there can be a space for other couples to place a lock here. This is not a fight, we have nothing against romance but please come to fetch your locks.”

Watch the video below: