TWO years ago, he was told in a dream to get a tortoise because it would guide him spiritually.


Since then, sangoma Pakiso Thom (25) claims his ancestral gift has reached a higher level.

“My tortoise, Paki, helps me to fulfil my gift.“He guides me spiritually,” said Pakiso from Phase 5 kasi, Mangaung.

He claimed the tortoise talked to him when people came for consultations.

Pakiso said the old paraffin light hanging outside his indumba also helps to resolve people’s problems.

“I’ve been a sangoma for the past five years.“I come from a family of traditional healers, but I’m the only person who has a gift of talking to my ancestors, helped by my tortoise.

“I bought Paki two years ago after a dream showed that I should use a tortoise in my work.

“At first it came as a shock to me when my tortoise gave me instructions on how to heal patients.

“But after a few months, I was able to bond with Paki very well.“The tortoise helps me a lot and I just can’t see myself doing my job without it.

“I sleep with him and feed him three times a day.”Pakiso said some residents think he practises witchcraft with the tortoise.

“Paki is my friend and spiritual guide.“He was sent to me by my ancestors.“I don’t practise witchcraft with my tortoise, he only helps me to heal people.

“People need to understand that Paki helps to guide me and I’m just following my ancestors’ orders.”

Pakiso said even before he became a sangoma, he has always loved animals.

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