Mogomotsi Mogodiri on behalf of the #Sisulu17 issued a statement saying the Eastern Cape province of the Veterans League represents the biggest contingent within the ANC Veterans community and wields massive influence across the country.

Being nominated by branches and other structures of the ANC is significant as these structures are the final arbiters of who gets elected to lead their organization.

The #Sisulu17 – It’s a MUST campaign has learned with gladness and appreciation the news that the ANC Veterans League in the Eastern Cape and two branches in the Abaqulusi region of KwaZulu-Natal and a branch in the Boland region of the Western Cape have nominated, over the last weekend, Lindiwe Sisulu to become the President of the ANC at the upcoming national conference to be held in Gauteng next month.

Lindiwe Sisulu

“These latest nominations are a massive boost and a positive development for the #Sisulu17 – It’s a MUST! as it represents an unequivocal vote of confidence in the propositions contained in Lindiwe Sisulu’s campaign message of returning the ANC to its original values of humility, selflessness, service to the people and moral uprightness”, Campaign’s Spokesperson, Mogodiri said.

“For this structures to nominate Lindiwe Sisulu, it means her message is, more and more, gaining traction within the ranks of the ANC and this augurs well for the efforts to “recapture the right path” as it will allow the ANC to reclaim its standing as leader of society”, Mogodiri added.

Building up to the ANC national conference, the #Sisulu17 – It’s a MUST! Campaign Team will intensify efforts to get more structures of the ANC to nominate Lindiwe Sisulu to become President as her election will represent a turning point in the process of rebuilding and renewing the ANC through engendering unity and cohesion whilst discouraging factional/slates politics.

“Cde Lindiwe Sisulu will continue to cross-cross our country talking to ANC members as part of efforts to spread the message of genuine change in the ANC that includes election of capable and dedicated leaders who are committed to fight against corruption, nepotism and factionalism, Mogodiri said.

“For the ANC to restore its good public standing, it also needs to elect leaders that are above reproach and have traction not only with ANC members but also with the rest of society if it is to continue leading the project of socio-economic transformation”, Mogodiri concluded.

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