Penny Lebyane wants haters to drink water and mind their own business

There is nothing more annoying than trying to get your point across, and then being hit by grammar Nazis who come after you about your spelling – just ask sis Penny Lebyane. The TV personality was tweeting furiously about being delayed on a shoot when a troll pointed out that she had made a spelling mistake.

Penny Lebyane

Sis was not impressed and took to social media to explain how unbothered she was by making spelling errors, and told haters where to get off. Lose vs Loose you know what I mean. I really don’t care hey. I type fast, the phone does what it does. I don’t lose sleep over it and my heart rate doesn’t change. I don’t think less or highly of myself because of a spelling error on Twitter. Sorry if I embarrass you,” she wrote.

She added that everyone makes mistakes and social media is “not a spelling bee”. Sis later urged haters to go drink water and mind their own damn business.

Penny Lebyane

“It (the spelling error) says nothing about my IQ or EQ, so quite frankly I’m not bothered. Angina ndaba mina. Abantu ba ya dina futhi ba ya hlupha. A ba new meetse..”

Two months ago the star told fans on social media she would no longer keep quiet or try to impress peopl.

“It’s my life, my journey, my walk, my work, my truth. I don’t need your approval of me. I accepted myself when you believed the lies about me, when I was marginalised. I mastered to stand alone. When I was rejected, I loved me,” Penny wrote on Twitter

In other news – Public Works owed R76.8m in unpaid rental fees

A total of R76.8 million was currently outstanding in unpaid rental fees for properties under Public Works and Infrastructure Department’s custodianship. Public Works and Infrastructure Minister Patricia de Lille revealed this on Monday in a written response to a parliamentary question from DA’s Patricia Kopane.

Patricia de Lille

In her written reply, De Lille said the Pretoria region owed R37.5m, Cape Town R11.7m, Johannesburg R9m, Kimberly R6.4m, Mmabatho R3.9m, Polokwane R3.6m, Durban R1.5m, Port Elizabeth region R1.3m, Bloemfontein R838 059, Mthatha R420 743 and Nelspruit R279 513. Read more

Source: Timeslive

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