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Zodwa Wabantu speaks after her court appearance

Crimen injuria occurs when a person willfully injures someone’s dignity, through the use of obscene or racially offensive language or gestures.

This week a viral video of Zodwa in discussion with police officers at the Douglasdale police station sparked online conversation, the entertainer gave her version of events.

“I was by William Nicol Drive, eight minutes from my house, the police stopped us. They opened the driver’s door and just took out the car keys, then asked why we were driving at night. We said we have a permit and he was already aggressive, he didn’t think we’d give him what’s right by law, which is the permit.

“By then the other one was like, ‘Hey Zodwa be safe, we just saw an accident, which we also saw because we passed two accidents. The other one was busy talking to my driver. Then there was chaos. And the police officer talking to me couldn’t calm the other police officer because we were close and had a permit. So they took us to the police station … they called to say that we were coming.”

Zodwa claimed the cops were excited to see her and made comments about how they were going to ”trend”.

Zodwa said she then had a heated exchange with the policewomen after she insulted her. The star said she was disgruntled that she was treated differently and had her rights violated because she was famous.

“It was not about the law, they just wanted fame and to expose me or whatever.”

Police could not comment on the allegation of unfair treatment made by Zodwa.

“Unfortunately that is all I can answer for now, as the matter is in court,” said Kweza.

TL reached out to NPA (National Prosecuting Authority) spokesperson Phindi Mjonondwane for comment on Zodwa’s court appearance but had not received a response at the time of publishing this article.


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