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Former apartheid security police officer Joao Rodrigues has died

Former apartheid security police officer Joao Rodrigues has died. Rodrigues was charged with the murder of activist Ahmed Timol. According to his lawyer, Rodrigues passed away around midnight due to ill health.

His death was not COVID-19 related. All Timol’s family wanted was for him to have his day in court and to be held accountable for Timol’s death, Cajee said. Cajee earlier said that he was anxious for Rodrigues to be brought to book in light of his claims of ill health.

“We are worried about the allegations made by Rodrigues’s attorney that he is not well and that his memory is fading. That is a clear sign that he does not want to face the court,” Cajee said after Rodrigues, as a last resort, turned to the Constitutional Court.

Source: eNCA

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