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Mihlali Ndamase says she is not with Leeroy Sidambe because of money

Mihlali Ndamase claims she didn’t date Leeroy Sidambe because of his money, as she has hers. On episode 7 of Unfollowed on Showmax the influencer spoke to Thembekile Mrototohe about the negativity thrown at her over the past months; she also opened up about her relationship with her Leeroy and the divorce saga.

Leeroy Sidambe

The only thing I will say about that is that when people have nothing to come at you about then they are going to find something to constantly dig at you, they are going to try to find something that may be a weakness that they’ll constantly dig at you, and honestly people’s opinions have nothing to do with my reality.

Leeroy Sidambe

I’m in a happy relationship, and I’m very much in love and that’s all people should know. I happened to click with him, we had chemistry and we fell in love and then that happened.” When asked if she was with Leeroy because of money, Mihlali replied: “I have my own money. Are you mad?

Source: The southafrican

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