One of the the first things Tebogo tells our source when we caught up with her for a chat was that she is extremely reserved and feels a little out of place when she is mobbed by fans for selfies. “I think one of the most difficult things about being in this industry is staying real. Because there is this expectation from fans that we have money and are rich. To uphold that is difficult because you either fall into the trap of not living your truth or you stay content in your truth. With social media there is all this pressure to keep up with the slay queens and please fans,” she said.

Rhythm City actress Tebogo Khalo has won over audiences with her spicy role as Puleng on the popular soapie but the star is determined to stay true to herself, and not get swallowed by the Insta-fame.

Tebogo Khalo

The actress stays grounded by not giving into the temptation of buying expensive designer gear and focusing instead on her family.

Although married, Tebogo has said before that she was planning not to have kids.

She said that while she still stands by that belief, she gets super broody when her friends visit with their children.

“I’m finding it more difficult because I am getting older and I get broody but I just bring myself back to my decision when that happens. I made the decision because of the pressures of life. I think it is unfair to have kids when life is so complex. I think it is the pressure and fear of bringing a soul to life and raising it.”

It’s a measured answer from an actress whose character is prone to swings of emotion.

She explained that she often drew from her own experiences, happiness and heartbreak when playing Puleng.

“I go into the deep dark bank of emotions that I have. Sometimes I will think of depressing things or happy times that make me emotional. The saddest thing I draw from is the passing of the father but I found that it becomes too much for me and I have to go home and de-stress. I also think of my nephews birth and that brings me to tears. It may be weird but it really helps.”

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