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Rhythm City: Actors who are allegedly Gay in real life

Rhythm City actors who are allegedly gay in real life

Entertainer and reality star; Mzamo Gcabashe who assumes a gay part in; Jamaica is gay, in actuality, has hit back at homophobic remarks on-screen and off-screen.

At the point when his character got an affection interest in Rhythm City the entertainer was savaged via web-based media. He reacted by saying: “It’s insane that in 2019, individuals can at present be so shut leaning.

A few people have even said that they can’t watch our scenes on TV with their children and ask what we are doing. Essentially, there have been homophobic remarks and it is stunning.”


Multi-grant winning stage and TV entertainer; Mcendisi Shabangu plays the wretched Khulekani Ngobese who is hitched to Nandi Ngobese. Khulekani has a little girl; Zinhle Ngobese who is promiscuous and has an indiscriminate infant-mother slice sister-in-law; Ziyanda is accepted to be androgynous.

Mcedisi Shabangu

He’s been having illicit relationships despite his significant other’s good faith with men; Jamaica played by Mzamo Gcabashe and as of late hit on Pule Ndlovu played by Zamani Mbatha. Enthusiasts of the show accept that Shabangu’s character is really gay and not bi-s.e.xual as he depicts on the show.


Zamani Mbatha who assumes the function of Suffocate Ndlovu’s embraced child; Pule Ndlovu is accepted to be covertly gay on the show. At the point when his relative; Mzi got him in the lodging with Khulekani, Pule never let his sibling and his dad understand what Khulekani’s actual goals were with him.

Zamani Mbatha

Despite the fact that Pule looked damaged by Khulekani’s advances, aficionados of the show accept that he’s concealing KKhulekani’s mystery since he, himself is gay. He may have been put off by Khulekani on the grounds that he’s not intrigued by Khulekani yet he’s covertly gay.


There have theories that Menzi Biyela’s character; Mandlakahle’s strength have affections for his chief; Khulekani as fans haven’t seen him with ladies, date ladies, or even look at ladies on the show.

Menzi Biyela

The way he’s defensive of Khulekani or sees his supervisor is extremely dubious. He’s over the edge and dead set on executing any individual who may hurt Khulekani, which caused fans to conjecture that he’s furtively gay.


The entertainer and vocalist; Phila Madlingozi who is the child of Ringo Mandlingozi assumes the function of Nathi on the show. His character’s s.e.xuality has been confounding aficionados of the show due to his solid social foundation.

Phila Madlingozi

He’s presently dating both Mampho and Jamaica on the show who are flatmates and were both vowed to mystery about their relationship with him.

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