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Racism should be erased from our vocabulary, says David Mabuza

Deputy President David Mabuza has called on South Africans to stop fuelling racial tensions and urged people to focus on uniting the country.

Mabuza also asked politicians to stop pointing fingers and inciting racial tensions in any environment.
He said the country needed to build on the reconciliation project it has been pursuing over the years. He said what happened in KwaZulu-Natal should not be allowed to happen again.

The racial tensions should be a thing of the past and the country must move forward. Mabuza also denied claims by EFF member in the National Council of Provinces Andrew Arnolds, that President Cyril Ramaphosa appeared to have been supporting those behind vigilante attacks in Phoenix.

“We know the President and all of you know him. I don’t believe the President can stand up and support racial tensions, support one group over another group. That is not the President I know. That is not the President who fought for this freedom that we are enjoying today. Part of his task, during the period of the Struggle, was to facilitate unity and reconciliation, and he was central in the drafting of this Constitution that is before us, that seeks to unite all of us,” said Mabuza.

“Truly speaking, it is not this President that can stand and support racism. He will never do that. We must, however, join hands and stop pointing fingers at each other. Racism should be erased from our vocabulary. We must treat ourselves as a united people, diverse, as we belong to this country. Let us not keep pointing fingers at racial groups because with that action, in itself, we are polarising society,” said Mabuza. He said politicians must stand up against racism.

The country needs to build social cohesion and build bridges. There was no need for people to fight one another because of racial differences said Mabuza.

He said South Africa was a society that has, for many years, been seeking reconciliation. He called on all political leaders to unite the nation.

“As leaders in these buildings, we must be upfront in whatever we do, in whatever we say to unite our people – to condemn every act of racism and tribalism so that we reinforce what has been built by our forebears, a united, democratic, non-sexist and prosperous South Africa,” said Mabuza.

Source:  News365

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