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Umkhokha: The Curse actress loses another child on

Deli Malinga

MaMzobe has lost yet another child on Umkhokha: The Curse.

But this delusional woman still doesn’t see that she’s brought this all on herself. Seeing her cry may make one feel sorry for her for a second but truth be told, the pain she’s feeling is nothing compared to that which she’s inflicted on others.

She’s lost her two kids Xolile and Mlungisi, both by suicide, and now her beloved son, Ndoda, is no more. It’s not clear how he died, but there was blood all over the house.

Deli Malinga

MaMzombe’s husband Difa thinks he’s being punished as he keeps losing his children when in fact, his only sin was marrying and having kids with the devil. He whipped Ndoda’s body, hoping it will end the curse in his family. Let’s hope the curse moves on to affect only MaMzobe as she deserves it.

She’s dug her own grave and must now lie in it. She’s single-handedly ruined her last-born daughter Gabisile’s life. Gabisile has blood on her hands because of her. This after MaMzobe forced her to poison Mthembu, the founder and leader of the AmaJudiya church.

MaMzobe now has the audacity to pray to Mthembu, asking him for his blessing to become the leader of the church – a position everyone knows belongs to Mthembu’s son Sphamandla.

Deli Malinga

Instead of getting his blessings, he felt his wrath as he burnt her feet and hands as she was about to ascend the throne. Even this hasn’t made her change her ways. MaMzobe believes Sphamandla has bewitched her. I’m now convinced that there’s a screw missing in her brain.

On Muvhango, there’s psychopath on the loose and her name is Khumo.

She’s the true definition of “don’t judge a book by its cover”. She’s gorgeous but is evil to the core. She brutally killed ntate moruti by electrocuting him.

She has an entire chart of the people she has either killed or intends to kill. These include Tenda, James and Gugu. If that’s not psycho, I don’t know what is. Her doctor hubby Paballo made the shocking discovery of the chart. He confronted her, and she confessed to having killed James’ mum Moipone.

The horrifying thing about this that she’s James’ half-sister on his father’s side and is the reason he doesn’t have a mum anymore. James now knows what she’s done and is baying for blood.

She’s on the run and has enough to go from one country to the next after inheriting her late billionaire husband’s money.

Hangwani’s house caught fire, leaving her with only the clothes on her back. She had been in coma and had left her daughter Rendani blaming herself.

She finally woke and was told she has lost everything. She’s not taking well at all. However, she must just be grateful to be alive. Rendani and her brother Chief Azwindini will help her pick up the pieces again – if James and Tenda’s plans to bring them don’t succeed.

The Mukwevho family deserves a break and some peace for a change. People must just leave them alone.

-daily sun

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