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Chinese national Li Song accused in Cynide scandal in Zimbabwe

Chinese national Li Song

A Chinese national, Li Song, was apprehended yesterday at the Harare magistrate court under suspicion of smuggling over 100 tonnes of cyanide. Surprisingly, Li Song, who faces multiple charges including money laundering, theft, and attempted murder, has claimed diplomatic immunity.

The National Prosecuting Authority has released Li Song, much to the dismay of the aggrieved parties who possess substantial evidence against her. During the vetting process, Li Song asserted diplomatic status, contending immunity from arrest within the country. This led members of the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission to seek verification of her claim from the Chinese embassy.

Subsequently, Li Song was taken to the Avondale police station cells for further authentication by officers of the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission. Known for her involvement in various criminal activities in the country, Li Song is also suspected of being linked to the poisoning of elephants with cyanide.

Among the allegations against her is the externalization of over US$11 million to an offshore bank account, with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe as a complainant in the case. Li Song’s arrest occurred at the Harare magistrate’s court by members of ZACC, and she is slated to appear in court today.

According to insider sources, Li Song imported more than 100 tonnes of cyanide, but only 40 tonnes were recovered, strategically stashed at different locations, presumably to manipulate legal proceedings.

Furthermore, Li Song was recently summoned to appear in court on May 21 on charges related to externalization and money laundering, with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe as the plaintiff. She stands accused of externalizing US$11 million through the central bank, using fabricated invoices to acquire foreign currency through the bank’s auction system.

Li Song, often referred to as a de facto ambassador of China, is also accused of attempting to murder her business partner, Francesco Marconati, the proprietor of Eagle Italian Leather and Shoes.