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UNSC to vote on new Israeli-Gaza draft resolution


The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) could vote as early as today, Monday, on a new draft resolution that would demand Israel and Hamas allow and facilitate the use of all land, sea and air routes into the Gaza Strip for the provision of humanitarian assistance.

While negotiations on language are ongoing, the text in its current form reaffirms the international humanitarian law obligations of the parties in relation to the provision of humanitarian assistance and calls for an urgent and sustainable cessation of hostilities to allow safe and unhindered humanitarian access in the Gaza Strip for those in need.

After the General Assembly last week passed a non-binding resolution demanding an immediate ceasefire and the immediate release of all hostages, the impact on the ground has been limited with Israel, backed by the United States, opposing a ceasefire that they believe would only benefit Hamas.

A seven-day pause during which hostages were released and Palestinian prisoners freed in exchange ended on December 1st.

And while intense fighting has resumed, Israel has since agreed to open the Kerem Shalom crossing into Gaza which will now compliment aid deliveries entering via the Rafah border crossing with Egypt.

World Health Organisation Representative in Gaza, Dr Richard Peeperkorn says, “That’s of course very good news. So, I think, it’s good news. But I think what we now have to work on as well, how can we make sure that these trucks can go everywhere in Gaza and not just in the south of Gaza but also to the north of Gaza? For WHO it means that there are still three hospitals very functional in the north. Now, how can we make sure that we can get regular supplies and even, by the way, help to expend the number of beds, get emergency medical teams linked to those places? At the moment, that is not possible, because of the lack of security, the difficult routes etc. So, that huge change it’s a welcoming news etcetera and will help, but we are not only talking about getting supplies into Gaza, we’re talking about getting supplies to the people all over Gaza.”

The draft resolution also aims to set up a UN monitoring mechanism of aid deliveries into Gaza made up of countries that are not party to the conflict and as the fighting continues, only eight out of 26 hospitals across the Gaza Strip are functional and able to admit new patients for very limited services, as frustration grows.

Executive Director of the World Health Organisation’s Health Emergencies Programme, Dr Mike Ryan says, “The UN simply cannot do her job. We cannot do our work right now, because we are blocked and prevented from doing that work, we have restrictions on who we can have in the country, we can’t get the aid in and we have huge security access problems. You know that. You’ve been reporting on it for weeks. You’ve been reporting on it for weeks. So, I think that it’s time that you went and ask some questions of some different sources as to why that situation prevails. Because it’s not here you’re going to get the answer to those questions. It’s somewhere else, in another press conference, with other countries. So, please go and ask the questions there.”

It’s unclear whether this latest draft will pass the Security Council after the United States vetoed an earlier attempt this month that would have demanded an immediate ceasefire.

WHO Director General, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus says, “For the Gazans, I think they are right to be disappointed. They’re right. They’re right to be disappointed with the world in general first. They’re right to be disappointed with the international community. And we are part of the international community, so, of course they will be disappointed with us too. But, if they’re not disappointed, I would be surprised. We’re trying our best, it’s not enough. Whatever they’re getting, it’s a fraction of what they should get.”

Close to 20 000 Palestinians including Hamas militants have been killed, the majority women and children, while Israel’s military says 118 soldiers have died during their ground invasion into Gaza in addition to around 1200 Israelis killed by Hamas on October 7th, while more than 130 hostages are still held in Gaza.

Source: eNCA

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