Home Entertainment Oros Mampofu shares sweet birthday shout-out to his baby mama, Bianca

Oros Mampofu shares sweet birthday shout-out to his baby mama, Bianca

Oros Mampofu

Oros Mampofu took to social media to share the sweetest birthday shout-out to his bae, Bianca Carmicheal. He confessed how lucky he was to have a person of her character in his life. Fans also wished Bianca Carmicheal a happy birthday.

Mzansi actor, Oros Mampofu and his baby mama, Bianca Carmicheal, are indeed couple goals. They really get and appreciate each other.

Oros is always sharing sweet messages and declarations of love to Bianca on social media, thanking her for the kind of person she is, the incredible mother to his now six-month-old daughter, Arya.

Oros Mampofu

Oros shared another sweet message to Bianca on Instagram earlier today to wish her a happy birthday. He wrote: “Happy birthday to the most beautiful and kindhearted woman I know!!! Be blessed my love and be filled with experiences of joy and happiness on your special day. We love and cherish you always.

Oros’ Instagram post was viewed more than 11.9k times and most of his followers commented how sweet his birthday shout out was, as well as wished Bianca a happy birthday too.

Here are just a few of the comments:

anibooi.com_: “Hbd to her ”

manare.manare.792740: “Happy birthday to her ❤️❤️”

tumisefadi: “Happy born day to her❤❤”

Bianca also commented on Oros’ post saying, “Thank you so much baby and everyone❤️❤️”

About three weeks ago, Briefly.co.za reported that Mzansi actor, Oros Mampofu, is one of the proudest fathers in Celebville. He took to social media to share that his daughter, Aarya, is now 6 months old. The video he posted was adorable.

Oros Mampofu's baby mama

No one ever said parenthood was easy. The late nights and constant tender, loving care that has to ooze out of you can become quite daunting. But experiencing those special moments with your child makes it all worth it.

Mzansi actor, Oros Mampofu, is one of those celebs who just enjoys every second with his little princess, Aarya Mampofu, and often shares those adorable moments with his fans on social media.

About three weeks ago, Oros took to his Instagram account to share another special moment with his daughter.

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