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Scandal! Teasers – September 2019


Coming up on Scandal! this September 2019:

Monday 2 September 2019
Episode 3379

Chumani is intrigued when Yvonne makes him an attractive offer. Romeo is grateful for Nomfundo’s help but she makes it clear she’s no softy. Zinzile is surprised by the arrival of a purchaser.

Tuesday 3 September 2019
Episode 3380

Yvonne decides between a funeral and a wedding. Grace takes steps to secure unencumbered access to her grandson. Lindiwe’s impassioned sales pitch results in progress.

Wednesday 4 September 2019
Episode 3381

Quinton is terrified when someone he loves is placed in imminent danger. A rift starts to form between two of the Langa women. Lindiwe panics when a spanner is thrown in her works.

Thursday 5 September 2019
Episode 3382

Quinton realises that the quest for revenge can backfire badly. Boniswa is losing her battle to win back a loved one. Lindiwe is upset when her scheme is misunderstood.

Friday 6 September 2019
Episode 3383

A rebellious bride causes the groom to offer a surprising challenge. Two families are finally united through a transaction. Lindiwe receives an unexpected opportunity to turn her failure into success.

Monday 9 September 2019
Episode 3384

Quinton has to decide if he will play for the highest stake. It seems that the future may look very different for Xolile and Romeo. The Ngemas are made an offer they can’t refuse, but also can’t afford.

Tuesday 10 September 2019
Episode 3385

Quinton trains to be at peak performance against the competition. An unexpected contender decides to put herself forward for the job of NFH CEO. The Ngema parents consider how to deal with their unexpected crisis.

Wednesday 11 September 2019
Episode 3386

Yvonne makes a tough choice. Layla might have found the new CEO of NFH. Lindiwe wonders if her parents are keeping a secret.

Thursday 12 September 2019
Episode 3387

Quinton hits upon an idea to get rid of the threat – permanently. Layla’s confidence takes a knock when her abilities are questioned. The Ngemas take a stand and are united against a threat.

Friday 13 September 2019
Episode 3388

Neo shows his true colours and takes a hostage. Layla’s on the cusp of a new beginning. Mlungisi and Zinzile struggle to keep the secret from their family.

Monday 16 September 2019
Episode 3389

Quinton is forced to accept the terms of an unfair deal. Hlengiwe fishes about possible career advancement and is encouraged to take a leap. A sweet victory for the Ngemas is met with a setback.

Tuesday 17 September 2019
Episode 3390

Yvonne runs for her life and Neo gets an unexpected call. Hlengiwe makes exciting plans for the future without knowing all the facts. Lindiwe thinks she knows the best way forward for her parents.

Wednesday 18 September 2019
Episode 3391

The war ends with life changing consequences. When Layla unexpectedly ascends the throne, not everyone appreciates her rise. The Ngemas see a bright future for themselves and Lindiwe facilitates the process.

Thursday 19 September 2019
Episode 3392

Chumani finds himself on the back foot when a blast from the past turns up for a job interview. Desperation drives Dintle to a demeaning course of action. Gloria discovers a loved one has been keeping fifty thousand secrets from her.

Friday 20 September 2019
Episode 3393

Quinton’s hopes are raised but the outcome is not quite what he expected. Hlengiwe starts stirring trouble in the newsroom after she is rubbed up the wrong way. The Ngemas’ dream has to be put on hold.

Monday 23 September 2019
Episode 3394

Quinton gets a new business partner and Yvonne is unsettled by the turn of events. Xolile is forced to make a big decision. Time is running out for the Ngemas.

Tuesday 24 September 2019
Episode 3395

Xolile and Romeo try to figure out their new lives. Damon has some challenging questions for Layla. Caiphus reveals a side venture in which he is involved.

Wednesday 25 September 2019
Episode 3396

Chumani has to make a decision which will affect both his professional and private life. Hlengiwe receives good news and bad news. The Ngemas consider solutions to their dead end.

Thursday 26 September 2019
Episode 3397

Boniswa is still dealing with one shock when she is dealt a second blow. Damon employs underhand tactics to try and manage his sister. Mlungisi makes a radical decision for his family without their buy-in.

Friday 27 September 2019
Episode 3398

Boniswa and Chumani find themselves on opposite sides of an argument – one that could split them forever. Dintle spies a new opportunity in a surprising place. Lindiwe and Zinzile try to get Mlungisi to change his mind on the family’s future.

Monday 30 September 2019
Episode 3399

A mother faces off with her son’s partner and takes questionable action to ‘get to know him better’. A conversation with an ex sets Dintle on an exciting new journey. A mysterious sign leads Gloria to a scandalised conclusion.

Scandal! airs on e.tv Mondays to Fridays at 19h30.

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