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Magosha jump into motorists cars without an invite

They jump into motorists’ cars without an invite! If you refuse to have s-e-x with them, the magoshas take your wallet and cellphone. Four magoshas were bust after stealing from a motorist on the corners of R23 and R103 roads near Heidelberg. One of the victims, Corlett Sibanda (35), advised men to be extra careful when travelling in that area. I stopped to make a call last Wednesday and parked on the side of the road. They suddenly appeared and demanded to sell me s-e-x. But I told them I wasn’t interested,” he said.

He said the next thing he heard his car door open and the women were about to jump in. I drove off, but luckily no one got injured,” he said. Another victim, Velaphi Zweni (29), said the magoshas jumped into his car and asked whether he wanted to pay them or not.

I had to find a way to get out of the situation. They were three and I told them I wanted one of them and two got out,” he said. He said he gave the magosha R30 to convince her to get out of his car after driving into the Heidelberg CBD. Captain Thivhulawi Tshilate of Heidelberg Police Station said another motorist was not so lucky.

Magosha jump into motorists cars

“The four women jumped into his car after he got out to pee two weeks ago. The magoshas wanted the man to have s-e-x with them, but he refused. He ordered them to get out of his car, but they refused. They searched him and took his wallet and cellphone,” said Tshilate. The man opened a case and four women were bust. They appeared in court for common robbery and malicious damage to property.

Daily Sun spoke to the magoshas and one of them said: “It’s sometimes hard and we’re forced to go to the extent of approaching these men to buy s-e-x. But we don’t condone violence on customers.

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