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Magosha Offers Promo, Single mothers & unsatisfied women rush to well-known Male Magosha

Male Magosha

When Covid-19 hit Mzansi, people were affected in different ways. And when a male magosha realized this, he then decided to introduce a Covid-19 relief special, where he charges R250 per session instead of R500.

And his clients were over the moon. The 38-year-old from Meadowlands, Soweto told the publication business was slowing down, so he had to come up with ways to revive it.

“I help a lot of women and I could see they were struggling financially. Some were no longer coming.”

He said some women even chose to stay s.e.xually hungry because of financial constraints.

“When I introduced the Covid special, my clients came back running. I even received more clients. I’m now busier than ever before. At times, I have to service three or four women a day,” he said.

The man said that he loved his job. He said nothing made him happier than women coming to him stressed and leaving happy.

“I make sure I satisfy them. A satisfied woman is a happy woman.”

He said he started this job when he realized that his 4-5 was always ready for action.

“When I tried to stick to one woman, she wouldn’t stand me. She would run away because I would want her the whole day. I didn’t understand why I was like that,” he said.

He said he lasted in a relationship after he started this job.

“I now work hard at work and when I get home, I do what normal men do.”

His ex-girlfriend told the publication she couldn’t keep up with him.

“He wanted to poke all the time. My pun@ni was always in pain.”

One of his clients (47) said she enjoyed the service. “I’m a widow and have four kids. I don’t want to be involved in another relationship. When my friend told me about him, I called and he did not disappoint.”

She said she lost her job because of Covid-19 and couldn’t afford his service anymore.

“I starved s.e.xually, but I’ve gone back now that there is a special.”

Another client (43) said: “I’ve been hurt a lot by men. I no longer want to be involved with any of them. I only rely on his services to stay happy.”


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