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Daniel Radcliffe drops name of most meaningful Potter film

Daniel Radcliffe

For Daniel Radcliffe, the documentary on his stunt-double David Holmes held a special place in his heart. This is the story that matters most to me from Potter,” the executive producer said Radcliffe said in the forthcoming HBO documentary David Holmes: The Boy Who Lived.

He continued, “It was an incredible ten years. It’s good to acknowledge that that could all be true, and this terrible thing happened to Dave.”

In the seventh movie, the 42-year-old had a serious injury that paralyzed his body while performing a stunt scene. The stunt] was a jerk back, in theory, through a wall in the fight with [Voldemort’s snake] Nagini,” the British actor recounted.

He added, “The snake just torpedos into the middle of him, into his midsection, which [sends him] through the wall into the neighbor’s nursery. I’ve never seen a human being move that fast, even to this day. He literally said straight away, ‘I’ve broke my neck,” the stuntman’s friend Marc Mailey recalled. David Holmes: The Boy Who Lived will roll out in theatres on Nov. 15.

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