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This year marks 48th anniversary of Soweto uprising


This year marks the 48th anniversary of the student uprising in Soweto when young people protested the imposition of Afrikaans by the apartheid regime as a medium of instruction. Freedom Park held its annual event reflecting on the 1976 June 16 events in Pretoria. The remembrance comes amid political changes following the recent general elections.

Remembering the sacrifices of those who came before and honouring their legacy. They were tragically killed during the 1976 students uprising. And their names are now engraved in Freedom Park’s Wall of Fame. Young people say the day deserves their attention and support.

A sentiment shared by those in higher education. Affirming that the day is a celebration of the resilience and potential of the nation’s young people today.

“History has no blank pages and the day’s significance still speaks volumes for today’s generation under the digital dispensation,” says Karabo Damane of Wits SRC. But there are concerns on how it’s often celebrated.

“South Africans need to reflect more on what this day means for them and the country as most have lost its meaning and the significance it has today and on generations to come,” says Thabo Ndabeni, June 16 foundation leader.

Remembering this historic day is an annual occurrence in the country. The day not only honours the past but ignites hope for future generations,” says Dr Jane Mufamadi, Freedom Park CEO.

Mufamadi says the day also highlights the importance of fostering a sense of unity and social cohesion among the country’s diverse youth population.

Source: SABC